Learn to Drive Product and Process Development Bình luận

Language:  English   |   Duration:  60 minutes

Developing products and processes is critical to help any business continue to grow and evolve.

Whether you’re new to product and process development or an old pro, our upcoming webinar will walk you through the necessary steps and highlight ways to improve what you’re currently doing with Minitab Statistical Software and Minitab Workspace

During the webinar, we’ll focus on an example of how to develop an autonomous electric car and share how tools like voice of the customer, Kano model, process capability, design of experiments, Monte Carlo simulation and more can help along the way.

This webinar is presented by our expert Antonio Vargas, Minitab Solutions Architect. Keep scrolling to read his bio below.

Link register: https://info.minitab.com/resources/webinars/learn-product-process-development-with-minitab

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