Introducing Graph Builder: Visualizations Built to Move You Forward Bình luận

Language:  English  |  Duration:  30 minutes

They say seeing is believing. Visualizations have the power to persuade, communicate your findings, and show-off your achievements, but creating the right one can quite a bit of time and energy—until now. 

Meet Graph Builder, our new tool to instantly visualize, create, and explore your insights.

With its interactive and easy-to-browse gallery, Graph Builder lets you seamlessly switch from one graph to the next using the same data and without re-running your analysis, so you can focus on choosing the right visual for your needs. 

Ready to see Graph Builder in action? Watch our on-demand webinar presented by Minitab Expert Jenn Atlas, Global Market Development Manager, as she showcases Graph Builder’s capabilities in the latest release of Minitab Statistical Software with a few exciting and inspiring use cases.

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